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Devry University or University of Phoenix?

I have already chose to do online school.

I know devry is regionally accredited. also if I go online they act as if I am attending the campus close to me, so when i would apply to jobs I would put devry university columbus, OH, even tho I would be doing everything online.

I am stuck between the two of them and I can’t decide which one I should attend?

which one would you go to?

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If i Attend Devry University will i get a good job?

I am a new student to Devry University for a 4 year bachelors degree program in Computer information Systems, and i am just wondering if Devry is frowned upon by many employers. I had to choose Devry because it was the only school that offered full online schooling and a lot of flexibility since i work full time. I am just wondering if a lot of people get nice jobs graduating Devry for computer information systems? Your input is greatly appreciated.

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Why do I hear DeVry University isn't a good school to grad from?

What’s with DeVry having a bad rep when they claim over 90% of their grads are employed in their field of study?

Business Administration / Technical Management is my degree interest with them.

It became the topic of discussion in a entrepreneurship forum. It was like (ex.) a ratio of 8 to 2 out of 10 with 8 saying bad things about the school. Something about jobs look over your resume and them being for profit and regionally accredited or academically respected.

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- Careers – Dr. Sanja Licina, Career Advirosry Board Member, DeVry University

This week, Lisa welcomes DeVry Career Advisory Board member, Dr. Sanja Licina to explain what it takes to get a job today for all walks of life. Also, Lisa goes over the Career Move of the Week, Company of the Week, and a special look at ABC’s Shark Tank. For more episodes and our full schedule, visit thisweekin.com

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Florida is for people who barely made it out of DeVry to go and practice law. That much is clear.
11 months ago
I'm at Fanor - DeVry Brasil - @fanorfortaleza (Fortaleza, CE) w/ 3 others http://t.co/lAASIJw29T
11 months ago
In early today... I set the alarm off! Lol! It's still going to be a great day! (@ Devry Bellevue Admissions Office) http://t.co/LvqXEJp1Eh
11 months ago