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Is Devry University A Good School To Go To?

Choosing a college is not easy. Many have expensive ad campaigns to sway you without giving you a complete objective view.

It’s going to be a big decision and if you are thinking about Devry University there are some things you should know.

DeVry University has a storied and rich history for what it does. Devry was established long ago, in fact, year was 1931 but then it was known everywhere as the name “DeForest Training School”.
In the year 2002, it converted to its current name and structure. Currently, the university helps more than 80,000 students under more than 20 different courses and specialties. It is worth noting that this university is privately owned and is a for profit college.

Campuses and Courses offered at DeVry University

This institution of higher learning prides itself in giving a great education to its students in over 90 centers across North America. The campuses are well spread out geographically to ensure convenience for most of the large population centers of the United States. All these campuses are well managed and synchronized with each other to ensure quality education is offered to the students at each location regardless of its physical setting. (think McDonalds, the big mac tastes the same in New Orleans as it does in Orlando)

The courses offered within this popular University are very diverse. They include courses in business, Science, Arts, Management and also Technology (many types of technology are represented). The courses offered are not only undergraduate but post graduate to help you with continuing education. To name just a few by names, the degree courses offered are inclusive of business administration, computer information systems, network and communications management, engineering technology as well as strategic management. There are also certificate courses and the most popular ones are those in business, health information technology as well as office management, but there are many more, so your area of expertise is probably covered.

The Education Program

The program at this University is quite convenient for the prospective and current students. This is because its courses are set on trimester which is usually preferred due to quick completion of a course by a determined student. For example, a person pursuing a four year degree course can be able to do it in three years with a trimester based system.

This makes people go into full time employment earning money earlier than they would with just two semesters in a year.
Research has shown that DeVry University charges reasonable fees for its services compared to other institutions of higher learning in North America. It has been found that students get value for their money since quality education is offered by this great university if it fits for you. So take a look around and make sure it has an area of study that you want to be great in, and if it does, then you may find that Devry University is a good school for you, or as it has been for many, a great school.

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Devry University History and Facts

DeVry was founded in Chicago and opened in 1931 as the DeForest Training School, named after Lee DeForest, a colleague and friend of founder Dr. Herman A. DeVry. In 1953, the name changed to DeVry Technical Institute in dedication to its founder. In 1966 the school was acquired by the Bell and Howell company, and became part of its Education Group division.

In 1985 The Bell & Howell Education Group became known as DeVry Institutes, which was sold to Keller-Taylor Corporation, parent company of the Keller Graduate School of Management in 1987 to become DeVry, Inc.. DeVry acquired Ohio Institute of Technology in 1968, Becker Professional Review in 1996, Ross University in 2003, and the Deaconess College of Nursing in 2005. DeVry did not acquire rights to use the name “Deaconess College of Nursing”, so it was renamed “Chamberlain” in 2006.

Ohio Institute of Technology

The Ohio Institute of Technology (OIT) was a trade school that operated in Columbus, Ohio, United States from 1952 until being renamed as part of the DeVry Institute of Technology in 1983 (and later DeVry University).

An unaffiliated school by the same name was founded in 2002[6], and functioned mainly as an auxiliary educational organization within the State of Ohio for accredited public Universities, Community Colleges and Joint Vocational Schools. OIT’s core curriculum focused primarily on industry recognized information technology certifications.

 Ohio Technical College

Ohio Technical College was founded in 1952[8] and later changed its name to Ohio Institute of Technology. In 1968, the school was acquired by the Bell & Howell Education Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bell & Howell Company. In September 1971 a new facility was opened at 1350 Alum Creek Drive in Columbus. In 1983, the college was renamed as the DeVry Institute of Technology, Columbus (the DeVry name was already used for the other Bell & Howell schools).DeVry Institute of Technology later changed its name to DeVry University-Columbus to match its sister colleges.

After years of non-use, the trade name Ohio Institute of Technology, was reissued in 2002 to NTI, Inc.

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Devry Jobs

Devry Jobs provides to its student part time job services while they are attending school which is an extended help to service the students. The first step to part-time job assistance service is to complete an approved resume. The student services department helps the students to create a resume or revise their current resume. Then the department offers the students some job leads and assists them with the application process. Practice interviews are also held for the students. The students are expected to work collaboratively with student services department to locate such jobs. The employment opportunities depend on the local business conditions, but Devry Jobs absorb quite a lot of their students in-house also.

The eligibility criteria for new students to get part-time job is to attend their first class. These jobs may not be relating to their field of study in the beginning with also not too high wages. There is intense competition for these jobs as many students apply for the same Devry Jobs openings. The first impression on the job interviewer matters a lot to get selected. Professional attire and appearance are the determining factors that whether a person is hired or not.

Persistency pays of when looking for Devry Jobs and dedication for a few hours every day are essential to get a job somewhere. Following up on the job applications is also important to keep track of the positions. The follow up can be done by a phone call, email or by visiting the office to check on the status of the application. The students at Devry Jobs are recommended to work for not more than 20 hours per week so that they can maintain satisfactory academic progress along with their jobs.

There are FWS opportunities in Devry Jobs campus which allow students to gain valuable experience of working and attending classes at the same location. A part of their wages is paid by the federal government for which the funds are managed through student finance after determining the student’s eligibility then FWS is included as a part of their financial aid award.

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Devry Career Information

Education is the stepping stone in life to attain a meaningful and a successful career. The technological advances are daily enhancing the lives of people and in turn are impacting every employment field, thus making higher education an essential career path to be successful. Devry Careers provides education to the high school graduates or to the working adults keeping in mind the career orientation and the technology base of the industry.

Devry Careers have many campuses in the United States and Canada which compose of the largest private high education system in North America. Devry offers a curriculum based on business, computers, electronics, information technology, technical management and telecommunications management. General education, technology and business are integrated into each program.

Devry Careers allows students to earn their degree while taking advantage of flexible course options that fit their schedules. The regular full-time courses, part-time on the job courses including evening and weekend classes and online courses, all making it easy for students to balance their work, family and school. The bachelor’s degree can be earned in a little time of three years.

The Devry Careers degree programs teach students how to Use language and information specific to business and Integrate concepts and skills across working areas to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and also to appreciate differences in cultures and values and use concepts and tools to improve quality and productivity and use technology to meet organizational goals, conduct applied business research, apply leadership and team-building skills to improve managerial decision-making skills while maintaining keen awareness of ethical issues and value lifelong learning .

The Devry Careers offers the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students to develop their business skills and learn the trade inputs directly from the professionals to compete in this fast growing field: Business Administration, Business Operations, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Technology, Electronics & Computer Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, Information Technology, Network Systems Administration, Technical Management and Telecommunication Management. Some master’s degrees are Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Accounting & Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, Project Management, Public Administration and Telecommunications Management.

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