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Is Keller Graduate School of Management of Devry University good?

I am a Canadian living in Canada, I would like to get a CPA(US) designation. I need a master degree to get 150 credit hours, so I want to get a master degree in Accounting and Financial Management at Keller Graduate School of Management of Devry University. I do not know if this online university is like University of Phoenix online, because there is so many bad rumors about U of Phoenix (going after people’s money and not recognized in some states?). Please advise.

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DeVry University – The Next Generation of Accounting

Accounting. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry predicted to create over 280000 jobs in the next 10 years. With exciting opportunities in growing fields like forensic, international and green accounting, every business from the Fortune 100 to the FBI will need accountants. Be prepared for an accounting career by earning a degree from DeVry University. From bachelors to masters, discover education working at www.devry.edu.

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Florida is for people who barely made it out of DeVry to go and practice law. That much is clear.
11 months ago
I'm at Fanor - DeVry Brasil - @fanorfortaleza (Fortaleza, CE) w/ 3 others http://t.co/lAASIJw29T
11 months ago
In early today... I set the alarm off! Lol! It's still going to be a great day! (@ Devry Bellevue Admissions Office) http://t.co/LvqXEJp1Eh
11 months ago