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DeVry University – The Next Generation of Accounting

Accounting. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry predicted to create over 280000 jobs in the next 10 years. With exciting opportunities in growing fields like forensic, international and green accounting, every business from the Fortune 100 to the FBI will need accountants. Be prepared for an accounting career by earning a degree from DeVry University. From bachelors to masters, discover education working at www.devry.edu.

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Specialized College Degree – DeVry University

Looking to earn a bachelor’s degree to help advance your career goals? DeVry University has five specialized colleges including: College of Business & Management, College of Health Sciences, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering and Information Sciences, and College of Media Arts & Technology, each developed with curriculum designed to match market needs, so your bachelor’s degree will help prepare you for some of today’s most sought after careers.

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Game and Simulation Programming Degree from DeVry University

Prepare to enter this fast-growing career field as DeVry’s state-of-the-art labs will help prepare you for the real-world application of your game and simulation programming degree. Visit DeVry.edu for more information.

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It will cost me 36000 to attend DeVry for my associates degree. Should I just go to a community college?

Im thinking of going to a community college for my associates then attending DeVry for my bachelors. Or should I just go to DeVry? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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The Five Colleges of DeVry University | Online & Onsite Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The five colleges of DeVry University; all focused on turning bachelor’s degrees into careers, all providing the education and experience that employers seek in today’s fastest growing industries. Choose a degree program within five distinguished colleges—Business & Management, Engineering & Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Media Arts & Technology. Five colleges preparing students for career success – one university. DeVry University. www.devry.edu.

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Florida is for people who barely made it out of DeVry to go and practice law. That much is clear.
11 months ago
I'm at Fanor - DeVry Brasil - @fanorfortaleza (Fortaleza, CE) w/ 3 others http://t.co/lAASIJw29T
11 months ago
In early today... I set the alarm off! Lol! It's still going to be a great day! (@ Devry Bellevue Admissions Office) http://t.co/LvqXEJp1Eh
11 months ago