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Keller Graduate School of Management students can {greatly|significantly} {enhance|improve} their success in the marketplace by utilizing the tools and resources {offered|provided} by the Career Services team. The following services are {designed|created} to facilitate career development and {help|assist|aid} students take charge of their employment search:

Resume Development – Once you have identified the title and the {experience|expertise} level (internship to executive) of the position you are pursuing, preparation of a targeted resume is {essential|important|crucial}. Career Services {offers|provides} resume development assistance {through|via|by means of} {one|1}-on-{one|1} review or {through|via|by means of} the ResumeWizard application. {Additional|Extra} support is {available|obtainable|accessible} for preparation of cover, thank you and position acceptance letters.

Interviewing – Being {prepared|ready} for an interview is {one|1} of the most {important|essential|crucial} {steps|actions} to the {entire|whole} interview {process|procedure|method}. Your preparation will educate you on the {company|business|organization}, the position requirements, and identify your primary qualifications for the position. In addition, preparation will {help|assist|aid} {build|develop|construct} your self-confidence and {improve|enhance} your overall performance. You can schedule a mock interview with a career professional or develop interviewing {strategies|methods|techniques} {through|via|by means of} the {available|obtainable|accessible} career services tools.

Networking Development – Making connections with personal and professional contacts {should|ought to|need to} rank at the uppermost level of your career search {process|procedure|method}. {Since|Because} a {large|big|huge} number of open positions are not posted {through|via|by means of} public sources, your networks will open doors for you. Career Services hosts networking events and webinars to {help|assist|aid} you get started, plus {offers|provides} a {variety|selection} of tools to {learn|discover|understand} {more|much more|a lot more} about the art of networking

Career Advising {Whether|Regardless of whether|Whether or not} you are transitioning from {one|1} {industry|business} to {another|an additional}, or preparing to take the next step in your career, connecting with Career Services will {help|assist|aid} you to develop a {strategy|technique} for your career plan.

Employer Connections – Meet employers who want to hire graduates just like you {through|via|by means of} career fairs or HireDeVry, our exclusive {online|on-line|on the web} job lead system.

Career Fairs – These limited invitation career fairs target DeVry University and Keller Graduate School students and alumni. Check with your local campus for details on the next virtual or on-campus career fair.
HireDeVry – This exclusive job {site|website|web site} {provides|offers|gives} a {unique|distinctive|special} {opportunity|chance} for Keller Graduate School of Management students and alumni to streamline their employment search. With access to HireDeVry, you will be able to view announcements on upcoming events and career fairs, utilize the resource library, get answers to career-related questions in our blog, and connect with employers {through|via|by means of} the local and national job postings. To gain access to the HireDeVry {website|web site|site} and nationwide job leads, please go to HireDeVry.
Webinars – A series of webinar workshops are in development to {help|assist|aid} you {enhance|improve} your career search {skills|abilities} on topics like interviewing, social networking, career transitioning and leadership. For a {current|present} list of upcoming events, {visit|go to} the announcement section of Hire DeVry

Alumni Association – Students and Alumni of DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management are invited to network with alumni {through|via|by means of} the alumni association {site|website|web site} or {learn|discover|understand} about alumni in {various|numerous|different} career paths {through|via|by means of} their success stories.

{Possible|Feasible|Achievable} Job Titles and {Possible|Feasible|Achievable} Employers of Keller Graduates – {Through|Via|By means of} registrations on our alumni {web|internet} {site|website|web site} and a 2009 survey of our graduates, institutional data shows that Keller Graduate School of Management alumni can be {found|discovered} employed in a {variety|selection} of industries {including|such as|which includes} {information|info|details} technologies, government agencies, health care and financial services. Our graduates report they are working for {companies|businesses|organizations} like AT&T, Northrop Grumman, McDonalds USA, Sears Holdings and Boeing, with responsibilities and titles that {include|consist of|contain}, but are not limited to: controller; director of {business|company|enterprise} development/{marketing|advertising}/operations; financial analyst/consultant; general manager; project manager; project management director/engineer; vice president of human resources/customer {experience|expertise}/manufacturing/fina other senior management and executive positions.

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Florida is for people who barely made it out of DeVry to go and practice law. That much is clear.
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I'm at Fanor - DeVry Brasil - @fanorfortaleza (Fortaleza, CE) w/ 3 others
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In early today... I set the alarm off! Lol! It's still going to be a great day! (@ Devry Bellevue Admissions Office)
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