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Would you recommend Devry University? Why or why not?

I am trying to decide between a traditional 4 year university & Devry. Thank you.

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  1. says:

    I assume Devry is like other technical schools. Technical schools are expensive and corrupt. However, if you’re smart and already know your stuff, it can be helpful to get some knowledge that can put your feet into the door quickly.

    Regular college is corrupt as well, waste a lot of time, and you may not learn anything. That’s why most people don’t work in their majors.

    Overall, it’s the reputation. Though I think both sucks, our society values regular collegs more and laugh at technical schools.

    I went to college and a technical school. In College, I wasted so much time and learned nothing, and struggle to get a job. In the technical school I learned more, but I learned most on my own. I felt the technical school cheated me, yet I was better off than I was graduating college. In the end, I’m better off because of the technical school, but society looks at me better because of college. Both sucks though, but because of how F’ed up our society is, they both helped me.

  2. Ihlem F says:

    I would go 4 year traditional university. Devry is not very cheap. best luck

  3. Zarathustra says:

    4 yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. DeVry is basically a joke and you’ll find it nearly impossible to get a job with a degree from there.

    • russell says:

      hmm you are right.Have you taken classes in any school?As long is regionally accrediated it should maintain standard.Devry is not bad university.I know people graduated from devry got a good job.

  4. Jim says:

    Proper universities have been around for at least a few centuries; so there is probably something to proper 4 year universities. Tell me would you want MD who attended an electrical engineering program at DeVry to operate on you or prescribe medicine to your kids? I would think twice about attending DeVry!!!! I suggest that YOU make the opportunity to attend a proper college….it is an investment in yourself, not anyone else. Education is also not just about getting a job. you will do better and go further if you lose this attitude! You will never get into a respectable 4 year program much less complete it if you want to take short cuts. Penny for your thoughts.

  5. Soylent Green says:

    I went to Keller. Quality of instruction is solid. A few PhD’s from local big universites teach for extra income. Corporate management is not solid. Billing dept is amateur. I know more than they do. The only graduates who succeed are aleady industry insiders, sponsored for promotion, or hired from within who just need the additional credential/qualification- like me. Most mainstream universities that are way better than DeVry are also facing the same grad unemployment struggles in this economy. If you’re not in the loop of things in an industry, changing careers or starting over with no connections, DeVry or any no-name east-west-central state college won’t help a lick. Simply put: Seal the deal with a hot date first, then go to the gym. Not the other way around. LOL

  6. Aurora F says:

    My husband went to DeVry. He had been out of school for awhile, they put him back into lower level classes that would not qualify for his degree. He had so many to do that they managed to eat up most of his student loan money, so that he was running out of financial aid and did not have even 1/4 of the classes he needed to graduate. No one even indicated how much of the student loan money would be used for these classes, no alternatives were ever suggested. They were too gready, wanting to take all of his money. They never disclosed there was a limit to the amount of money he would qualify for, we were suprised when they told him he was about out of money.

    The other problem he had was that there were some on-line classes that he could not access the third party site. He went thru all of the proper channels, did their suggestions and none of it worked. He ended up failing the classes and then was put on academic suspension. The tech people said that there is 2% of the people that have this problem, they do not have any suggestions on how to make it work. There is no system to help any student with an alternative way to still do the work in the class without failing. If you are one of the 2%, tough luck, they don’t care. That is the major reason he has left DeVry and found another school that does not have this problem. It is a better school than DeVry ever thought of.

    They also have fees that they do not take out of the financial aid. They do not explain well that you are responsible for paying for it and can not use financial aid. He racked up a big bill not realizing what it was for.

  7. Xantha says:

    DeVry is the Best
    The college I attend is DeVry University. When I first looked for a college I knew exactly what field I was interested in, which is accounting. I looked into a few schools that left me with two different adverse impressions. I will call the colleges, College A and the other University B. College A left me perplexed and unhappy, while University B was very impressive with a cost liability. However, DeVry gave me an impressive and unmatched experience.
    First, at College A, the representative I met with was not very uninviting and had a lackadaisical tone. As I told him exactly what career path I was interested in and he began to try to try talk me into the medical field, without even testing, listening, or having any incite in what my potential was. Next, I asked about their accreditation he became quick-tempered on the subject, and would not answer. That reaction made me want to leave; because that was a legitimate question given that my credentials would be of value to my future employer. Finally, the administrator showed me a wall full of credentials, which I had overwhelmed me because there were several of them. This made me concerned about this college’s credentials, so I decided not to choose them
    Then I looked into the next college University B. A neighbor of mine was attending there and gave them a great reviews and praise. She also gave me a brochure of the college, which detailed all that they have to offer. Next, I researched them on the internet, which turned more excellent reviews and details. The only downfall I saw was the price for the college. It was at the higher price point from where I wanted to be (over $30,000 annually). Therefore, I lost interest due to the expense.
    Then I remembered that my best girlfriends back home attended DeVry and both had wonderful careers with Household Bank. Therefore, I called the school immediately and it amazed me how happy and friendly the administrative people were. They smiled offered me a drink and welcomed me with open arms. Furthermore, when I asked about their accreditation the administrator answered right away that they were regionally accredited and answered all my other questions with an honest tone and also gave me vital information about finding scholarships. This college impressed me. Finally, I told him of insecurities about the entrance exam. He assured me that I would be fine and showed compassion for me and said, “DeVry will have a refresher class that I could attend for the math.” Suddenly I felt at home with DeVry.
    DeVry has constantly kept me updated on events, tutoring programs, and academic goal classes available. Every time the Dean sees me he always asks how they are classes and shows concern for whatever my response is. The feeling that I get when I walk into DeVry does not compare to other colleges I have experienced. They are upbeat, happy, and attentive to my needs as a student. I feel confident that they want me to succeed in my career path of accounting. This still is and always will be the college for me.

  8. Sean says:

    If I were you, I would run as fast as I could from Devry University. Several of my classmates and I have graduated from there a yr ago with Masters degrees in Public Administration and still cannot find work. I have been passed up for an Administrator in Training program at a hospital because Devry isn’t acredited with the right board/agency. The fact that that school has absolutely no internship programs puts graduates at a BIG disadvantage considering the many other schools that offer internships. Employers have a big pool of candidates from which to choose employees and Devry graduates aren’t even considered without internships. I had a profeesor who taught absolutely nothing the entire semester because it wasn’t the way he conducted classes. We basically spent the entire session listening to him and another student talk about events in their community since they lived in the same area. I basically got an A in that class for having done not a damn thing but sit in the classroom and listen to BS that did not relate to the course material. Please do yourselves a favor and attend a reputable institution.


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