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Is devry university good or waste of money and time ?

Is devry university good or waste of money and time ?

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  1. james f says:

    I would advise going to a better University. From what I understand it does not help you to go there. Keep this in mind though.

    Due to higher wages and lower unemployment for college grads, investing in a college education generates a 20% return on your money.

    Going to college can be expensive, but it is an investment into your future.

  2. PE2008 says:

    DeVry made a huge mistake when it changed its name from "Institute" to "University",

    DeVry offers very good 4yr degrees in Engineering Technology, which are TAC/ABET-accredited. They are expensive compared to public colleges, but the degrees can be earned in three calendar years, and BSET grads are eligible for admission to MSET programs.

    Other DeVry degrees and courses range from substandard to near-worthless.

  3. Bite me, baby! says:

    If you don’t mind throwing away your money and having a degree that isn’t worth much, then go there. Go to a better school that is more well-known and admired.

  4. Ennis says:

    I will speak from my own experience. I finished my degree in June 2008 with DeVry University. I can definitely say that my promotion to Senior Vice President in 2008 was mainly because I put into practice the knowledge I received in my classes in DeVry.

    I am very proud on being a DeVry alumnus.

  5. Adam says:

    Education is what you make of it, regardless of where you go. Being a graduate from both their undergraduate and graduate programs, I am very happy with the education I have received and worked for. A few months after I graduated, I along with several of my classmates began work for a major defense contractor in software and systems engineering roles. Fast forward about five years later and we have found ourselves as senior engineers doing everything from Information Assurance work for defense systems, to software architecture design for military training solutions.

    And we were CIS students.

    Bottom line, your education’s "worth" boils down to how hard you applied yourself, and from a technical perspective, what proficiencies you took care to master before graduating. Interviewers want to hear a good story when they meet you (I know, I’ve been one). With small class sizes and a broad-based (read: industry aligned) curriculum that frequently exceeds the technical core of many traditional schools – you will get the chance to craft a story of your own – one that I have found to be a very natural fit with most employers.

    Hope this helps,

    Senior Software Engineer
    CIS Grad 2004
    MPM Grad 2008

  6. David says:

    I won’t say it’s a wast of money but it is quite expensive. That being said they load their courses with classes that are interesting but not directly related to your degree which means you WILL take longer to finish your degree with Devry. If that’s a waste of time to you then don’t enroll.

  7. John says:

    Responding to David – I have actually heard the opposite from friends that have attended in regards to taking longer to finish a degree. I actually looked this up and it seems that most of the programs are your standard 8 semester deal (~124 – 130 credit hours) – which can be completed in 3 years if you attend year-round.

    As for the extra classes, the school seems to promote a means of tailoring the degree curriculum to better fit what you’re shooting for. Not all that different from picking electives at a traditional school.


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