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Is Devry university a good place to go?

I wanted to go to UW but my gpa is 3.3. I am a seiner in highschool. So i decided to go communty collage first and then transfer to UW. but a person from Devry university talked to me and she told that i can transfer from there to UW. I can get my degree in three or four years in Devry university.

What should I do? Please help me, I an confused

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  1. Spiritual Growth says:

    DeVry is a great school I am currently enrolled and I have no regrets , , When you earn your degree from DeVry, you’re backed by a school with 75+ years’ experience in providing technology- and business-based higher education, and you will enter a competitive job market with a degree from an accredited university. DeVry’s hands-on degree programs and flexible distance learning options provide the skills and convenience you want. Our reputation and accredited university status provide the recognition and credentials you need. It’s all at DeVry! Check out the informational websites below . . I hope they help you make the best decision! Good luck and God bless!

  2. Daniel says:

    Yes, Devry university is a great place to go. Remember that you should always take advantage of the best opportunities you have. Devry will allow you to transfer to UW as you mentioned, and it also has pathways to a three to four year degree if you choose to remain at Devry. You should definitely apply and try your best and see what offers you receive. Devry is the place for you.

    Remember that before applications, you must take the SAT Reasoning Test. For seniors, the last chance to take them is October and November.

  3. Sherry Lyn says:

    I’m glad somebody asked that question. I am currently enrolled in Devry’s HIT Associate’s program, and I’m hoping that once I’m finished it will be easy for me to transfer to the University of Washington or some other university out there. I don’t want to waste my life and money on a degree that won’t get me anywhere.

  4. Sherry Lyn says:

    By the way, I graduated from FHS with a 3.3 and was on the waiting list for the UW (because I applied late). Have you applied there yet? They will try to get you if you are a minority, were involved in clubs/sports, and have alot of community service hours. I think you’re application essay plays a major part also.


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Florida is for people who barely made it out of DeVry to go and practice law. That much is clear.
11 months ago
I'm at Fanor - DeVry Brasil - @fanorfortaleza (Fortaleza, CE) w/ 3 others
11 months ago
In early today... I set the alarm off! Lol! It's still going to be a great day! (@ Devry Bellevue Admissions Office)
11 months ago