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Can I transfer devry credits to state university?

I have associates degree in computer electronics technology from other college, and now I am trying to enroll BS in electronics engineering technology from Devry University. I have good job in technical field.I have aim to do master from state university, I am worrying if my BS from devry will transfer to state university for MS degree like in electrical engineering.

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  1. dazednconfuzed89 says:

    The best place to get this information is from the school you want to earn your masters at. I attended a state university where DeVry grads were earning their masters. I assume they may have taken some undergrad courses at the university before being accepted into the MS program but were not required to start from scratch. I find myself in a similar situation. My school offered both EE and EET. I chose EET because the hands on aspect of it attracted me. I would like to earn a masters but realize I will need to go back and take a few undergrad math courses and possibly some EE undergrad courses before being accepted into a grad program. Good news is my EET degree landed me a job with an aerospace company that reimburses tuition, Woot! On another note, if you haven’t already started the BS program at DeVry I would advise against it and instead enroll at an ABET accredited state institution. Even if DeVry is ABET accredited their degree does not carry as much clout as other colleges and universities. For instance, my employer does not recruit from DeVry even though they hire EETs. Their degree is also much more expensive than state institutions. If you already know you want the masters go for the EE BS now and skip the EET degree altogether. Hope that helps and good luck!

  2. Broken wings says:

    Most college credits do transfer from one university to another but alot of your courses specific to your degree may not be recognized by alother college. For example if you took british literature at one college and you transfered to another college the new college may not recognize or even offer that course that course and require you to take world literature for your literature credit in order for you to have all required credits for your degree.

    Thats why I choose ro go straight to a university instead of attending a jr. college first


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