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Why do people assume DeVry University is not a good school? Is it out of ignorance?

Why is it that all of the people who went to a traditional school try to bash schools like DeVry University and University of Phoenix? Are they ignorant? Did they attend the schools? Do they speak from assumption and not fact?

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  1. Educated Professional says:

    Yes, it is out of ignorance that most people bash schools like DeVry and University of Phoenix. Most of these people that are bashing non-traditional schools went to a traditional school and feel cheated that they could not take courses online at their own pace. It is understandable that they would need to feel a sense of entitlement.

    These people also have never attended or graduated from a non-traditional school and therefore have no direct experience or knowledge and therefore are speaking from assumptions of what they think they know or have heard – which does not translate into factual evidence.

    These online schools offer the same education as a brick and mortar school. They allow their students to go online or on campus to take classes. They have the same accreditation as a traditional school. There is no difference in the textbooks used or the courses offered.

    What we have is a battle between traditional schools that feel threatened by online schools (as they should be since year after year online schooling has grown by over 20%). Anyone that posts online negative comments about a non-traditional school could also be from one of these traditional schools that feels threatened.

    Soon we will see that more people will be taking classes online than in a traditional college setting. Most traditional schools now offer online classes in an effort to compete with the new way of learning.

    Sitting in a lecture for three hours does not constitute for a "better" education and in no way entitles a traditional school to claim that their education is better than DeVry University or University of PPhoenix

    The costs are the same as a good traditional school, the schools are accredited and the learning is just as good as a traditional school. Unless you have attended both types of schools please don’t leave false comments about what you assume.

    The fact that these schools are Incorporated makes no difference in what type of learning they provide. Public schools are funded by your tax payer dollars, are they any better? A school that is Incorporated isn’t propped up by anyone and therefore strives harder to stay in business and provide a good education so that more students will attend. How do you think they can survive year after year if they were so poor at educating millions of people every year? Both of these schools mentioned have been around for over 20 years – poor education? Then why haven’t they gone out of business? Good schools mocked by fools.


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