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Accredited University – Complete your education at DeVry Uni

Transfer your qualifying credits to DeVry, an accredited university, to finish your bachelor’s degree and advance your career. Visit for more information.

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  1. CanadaUniv1 says:

    DeVry Professors are telling students to go to a state college! Yes, I am a former DeVry student too. Straight A. They won’t send their own kids there but their paychecks are good so they tell many students the real truth about DeVry. Its possible a few DeVry’s have decent programs but most are not good enough for the high level technical fields in today’s society. Previous experience gets people the jobs not the DeVry education. That’s the rip-off. That piece of paper worth 50-60 grand

  2. CanadaUniv1 says:

    DeVry executives got their Real Educations at Harvard, Stanford & Princeton. Obviously well off people.. It’s posted on the business pages as well as their huge salaries. They wouldn’t have their 6 figure salaries with an education from DeVry nor will they be sending their own children to DeVry. They just keep ripping off students who believed their false promises & ads that DeVry is capable of providing a reliable college education for a decent career. State/Private colleges are a lot better.

  3. CanadaUniv1 says:

    Your jump-start will be straight to the 8.1 % Unemployment Line with your DeVry Education. There are a lot better programs & much more advanced at local state & private colleges where the tuition is thousands lower. A few extra months in a reliable college is worth it for your future career in these high demanding times especially in the technology field. Most DeVry University programs will not get you the experience you’ll need to succeed. Trust me. I was a former straight A Devry student.

  4. desertflower08 says:

    So true Canada1. I left them years ago when I saw how they ran the school like a poorly run business not an educational facility. I earned my Master’s Degree at a local state college not just paid for a degree.. Others students have mentioned the same about DeVry’s tactics & false ads. Thanks for keeping everyone alert about DeVry. Not all colleges accept DeVry credits knowing their reputation. My employer said he wouldn’t hire anyone with a DeVry degree without prior exp. in the job.

  5. desertflower08 says:

    DeVry is a joke. The admissions person I had spent more time reading her script than knowing what really goes on at DeVry. Couldn’t answer any of my questions. I felt like I was being interviewed by a high school drop out desperate for a paycheck. Glad I went to a real univ. where the education gave me a head start to a dependable career. Not like the one DeVry was offering. Most students have one chance to get their degree So Please get one where it will be meaningful.. Not at DeVry!

  6. devry187 says:

    Does it regionally accredited so their credits transfer. Get a life and stop talking trash.

  7. desertflower08 says:

    No, there are several state universities that do not accept most of DeVry’s credits and the courses have to be retaken. Why? Because DeVry’s substandard material is below the standards needed at many state level colleges. So, who cares about the f—king credits when they are useless for a higher standard education that most state colleges can provide including a much lower tuition. Glad I left and got a real education.

  8. desertflower08 says:

    devry187 Lets end this futile exchange & personal opinions of DeVry. You have yours, I have mine & other people have theirs. Its called Freedom of Speech in USA. If you work for DeVry, then you can pass on the comments Hoping for Change like the new elected President is striving to achieve. Problem with American businessmen is they dont care about the small insignificant problems as long as the business is making profits. Ignorance then causes major economic problems like now in USA.

  9. desertflower08 says:

    devry187: I have a life & a real education. My engineering degree from Texas State Univ. was worth leaving DeVry.

  10. waterman1976 says:

    have fun serving me burgers and fries on my way to my hermosa beach surf trip


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